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Rapid Response

Veteran Assistance

Civilian life brings its own unique set of challenges and, most of the time, its easy to handle those challenges. It is the unforeseen stuff that can sneak up and takes a massive toll on every day life. That’s where we come in. Veterans in Crisis is a Veteran-led group that rapidly serves veterans in Northern Michigan who honorably served their country.

We provide immediate ‘hand-ups’ that are 100% confidential. These are needs that have come up and are difficult to financially absorb at the moment. A need can be anything from rent assistance, help with unexpected medical bills, vehicle repairs, or even a ride to an important appointment. It can also be something we have not listed but the primary concern is the need is real and immediate. Our volunteer vets will contact you up to two hours after submitting a form to understand the scope and urgency of your need. Then, they will get in touch with our network of service providers to arrange quick support. You served your country, now let us serve you.

Various Crisis Resolutions

Each Veteran’s situation is different and it is impossible to list all the ways we offer rapid response. We provide ‘hand-ups’ for a variety of needs, not just the few examples we mentioned. Here are a few more examples of support provided by VIC:

  • Groceries
  • Medical, Dental, Vision
  • Automotive Repair
  • Legal Services
  • Home Construction, Carpentry, Roofing, Handyman
  • Housing & Moving Assistance
  • Utility Assistance, Fuel, Firewood
  • Employment Assistance
  • Women’s Resources
  • Clothing
  • Psychological
  • Transportation Services, Gas Cards & Drop-off/Pick-up assistance

Frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for assistance?2023-05-16T21:17:11-04:00

Every Veteran matters. Since 2016 we have successfully used a hand-up, rapid response approach to help those who have served their country. Men and women who served honorably in any branch of the armed forces and have been released from active duty or retired. VIC does not observe “peacetime” or “wartime” service periods.

How was VIC started?2023-05-16T21:08:15-04:00

When wartime heroes return home, often times the transition back to civilian life can be emotional and financially burdensome. Veteran’s In Crisis, Inc. organized a golf tournament to raise money annually for these veterans who are struggling financially.  All of the proceeds from the annual golf tournament provide assistance to veterans in Northern Michigan.

How quickly does VIC provide assistance?2023-05-16T21:20:20-04:00

Veteran assistance does not have to take forever. By the time people come to us the need has reached urgent status and we understand how important it is not only to resolve the financial burden, but to ease uncertainty. We are proud to arrange rapid response when it is needed most, often within 24 hours depending on the need.

What Areas Does VIC Serve?2023-05-23T23:01:23-04:00

We provide services to veterans throughout Northern Michigan who reside without our service area as shown in the map.


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