Who We Are

The Community-Based Effort to Help
Veterans in Northern Michigan

-Veterans in Crisis

Our Mission

Many worthwhile public and private service programs are available for a significant number of eligible veterans with service-connected disabilities.  The same applies to those veterans who are not rated with a service-connected disability, but who face other challenges to living independently and productively.

In 2016, a group of Northern Michigan retired and still-active business executives, lawyers, and advocates of veteran’s needs organized and formed our 501c-3 non-profit organization in Traverse City, Michigan. Today we serve roughly 21 counties in Northern Michigan and the eastern Upper Peninsula.

The organization is under the direction of David Mikowski. David is a former Combat Marine that served in Vietnam for thirteen months in 1967-68. He saw the need to pay it forward by organizing an amalgam of Northern Michigan talent, that can help veterans with some of the “unforeseen needs”; whether it’s a wheelchair ramp that needs to be constructed or helping a veteran with something as simple as a gas card, which would allow the veteran to get to class or a medical appointment.

When wartime heroes return home, often times the transition back to civilian life can be emotional and financially burdensome. Veteran’s In Crisis, Inc. (heretofore identified as VIC) developed a golf tournament to raise money annually for these veterans who are struggling financially. The tournament which started with zero funding has raised thousands of dollars. All of the proceeds from the annual golf tournament, held on Flag Day go directly to local veteran-related programs in Northern Michigan.

We provide services to veterans throughout Northern Michigan who reside without our service area as shown in the map (below).

Every Veteran matters. Since 2016 we have successfully used a hand-up, Veteran to Veteran approach to help those who have served their country. From men and women who are serving in the ongoing Middle East conflict era to those serving during the earlier Vietnam and Korean periods, we help vets in around 21 counties throughout Northern Michigan and the Eastern U.P. Veteran-Led and Veteran Focused

Vet assistance does not have to take forever. By the time people come to us the need has reached urgent status and we understand how important it is not only to resolve the financial burden, but to ease uncertainty. We are proud to arrange ‘hand-ups’ with a 24-hour turnaround time (although some larger needs may take a day or so longer). Our goal is to provide rapid response when it is needed most.

Each Veteran’s situation is different and it is impossible to list all the ways we offer rapid response. We provide ‘hand-ups’ for a variety of needs, not just the few examples we mentioned. Here are a few more examples of support provided by VIC:

-Medical, Dental, Vision
-Automotive Repair
-Legal Services
-Home Construction, Carpentry, Roofing, Handyman
-Housing & Moving Assistance
-Utility Assistance, Fuel, Firewood
-Employment Assistance
-Women’s Resources
-Transportation Services, Gas Cards & Drop-off/Pick-up assistance

"Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country’s cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as he best can, the same cause.”"

-Abraham Lincoln

We Believe


We Believe

In the innate dignity and value that each individual possesses in equality and equity;


We Believe

That people are interdependent within their communities and social structure;


We Believe

That charity, giving to others, is the highest order of human pursuit;


We Believe

In personal responsibility and self reliance;


We Believe

In the individual’s and public’s duty to care for others who through no fault of their own need assistance to live quality lives;


We Believe

That the use of others’ money should be managed with transparency and accountability;


We Believe

That education and work is a source of self-respect and independence;


We Believe

That private sector solutions, business enterprise, and entrepreneurship are the engines that drive long-term viability and sustainability.


We Believe

Enabling veterans to reintegrate into their communities and live quality lives.


We Believe

Serving the public good is accomplished within the legal framework of a free society.