Veterans In Crisis assists NMC Students

Veterans in Crisis donated $10,000.00 last year to Veteran Students attending Northern Michigan College.

These dollars are available to veteran students who are faced with a financial crisis that threatens to impact their mission to complete school.

Here are some stories of how your contributions to Veterans in Crisis have positively impacted these veterans and their families.

Deward – “$1,500.00 – “Gas/electric bills, food and rent – wife incarcerated for abusing kids and he needed the financial help.”

Nathan – “$700.00 – GI Bill ran out and needed remainder of tuition paid so he can earn his degree this spring.”

Anthony – “$750.00 – “Rent due to loss of job.”

Corie – “$1,200.00 – “Unexpected medical bills led to them being overdrawn in checking and unable to pay rent.”

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